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Sinus infections.


Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Sinus Infections
From: thumperfox.aol.com (ThumperFox)
Date: 2 Aug 1995 22:53:43 -0400

> If you know of any therapies to help such a condition, for instance suggestions on how to decongest my head (they suggested the possibility of surgery to drain my sinuses last time I went in) please respond. I have been considering going to an acupuncturist- has anyone had any experience treating sinus problems with acupuncture?

My mom uses a saline wash....mix comfortably warm water and salt until it is as saline as tears (I check this by taste) in a bowl or large mouthed cup. Stand over a sink (I do this in the shower, the steam and warmth of the shower also seems to help) and inhale the saline through your nose, one nostril at a time, or both, it's up to you. Spit it out through your mouth.

Keep doing this until you don't feel so congested anymore. There are also a ton of pressure points around your eyes which will help with drainage. Press your thumb or a finger knuckle into any of these spots fairly hard until it stops hurting (it should hurt like hell at first, that's how you know you have the right spot). Move on to another spot until you feel better. Most of them are located right on your eye socket and underneath your cheekbones. Also, there are a couple on the sides of
your nose near the bridge. Eventually (after 15-30 mins), you'll feel things just suddenly open up. It is a great feeling!!

From: Beverly Palatiello <Beverly.jbx.com>

>My mom uses a saline wash....mix comfortably warm water and salt until it

A much easier way to do this is to fill a bowl with the saline solution (I prepare mine the same way) and use a child's nasal aspirator. - Not as messy either. You fill the bulb and squirt it into one nostril, then it will drip out.

Also used is a device called a "Netti" - it can be found in Indian (Eastern) shops or perhaps at Yoga classes. Yogis use them to keep their breathing passages clear.

From: Lazlo Toth <74563.3545.CompuServe.COM>

>My mom uses a saline wash....mix comfortably warm water and salt until it

My grandfather farmed all his life and never went to a doctor for illness. When he finally did got to a hospital for heart surgery, he died . . .

Anyways, I inherited his vulnerability to dust and pollen allergy attacks. I suffered through childhood asthma and, later in life, endured frequent sinus/respiratory infections. That is, until grandaddy showed me his secret preventative - - the above described routine! He did this every morning, afternoon, and night. Although grandmama teased him about it, there was no doubting his amazing level of health and vigor.

Simple and effective. By the way, I use baking soda in place of table salt - - dissolves faster.

From: Sheila <rustyra.halcyon.com>

> By the way, I use baking soda in place of table salt - - dissolves faster.

Salt is important to include because our body fluids are comprised of salt water -- so we need to use the close approximation of what's already there.

I, too, use baking soda, but as a buffering agent so the rinse doesn't sting.

The recipe is

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 pint warm water

Rinse as often as needed during the day -- and at least 3X. This regime has kept my sinus infections at bay; when I rinse less than 3X/day they return. I use 12 oz of water at a time and an ear bulb to administer the saline solution.

From: ecoli.cix.compulink.co.uk ("Peter J Harris")

Homespun Ringer's Solution.
Funnily enough you have made a solution which bears a close resemblence to "Ringer's Solution" which was used for years in medicine, biology and microbiology as a gentle solution to suspend delicate cells and tissues.

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