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10 years later

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My site was first mentioned on the 'net 10 years ago.

That's the earliest mention I could find: Larry London mentioned the site in his Aug 06, 1995 sunsite.unc.edu herbal resources list. He's the one who asked the ibiblio (then sunsite.unc.edu) admins to give me an account on their servers.

I also dug for the first time I mention my site, in my .sig or otherwise: that's a few weeks later, in a .sig, on the medicinal herblist. I'm bashful, I am.

Be that as it may, now is the time to break out the champagne. And I don't want any of the cheap stuff, I want the real thing. No bubbles up the nose...

Like, 10 years! Woot.


And I've appreciated you all along the way; like a favorite radio program, always there. Agreed with you for the most part.
Even though I have many, many hundreds of webpages floating about the internet advocating for Alternative health and herbal medicine I consider my one little mention in your FAQ as one of my more valued quips. Thanks for that.

Awww. *blush*

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