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Alder leaf? Yum!

It's entirely possible that I've finally found a local substitute for licorice.

So I was out in the woods, carrying the baby in a pouch-like thingy. And gave her things to taste, cos unless you keep her amused she's likely to amuse herself, for instance by starting to pull my hair. (Ouch!).

And the black currant leaf was very nice, and got spit out after perhaps 10 minutes. And the birch leaf was nice, and got spit out quite a bit faster. And the alder leaf just got chewed and chewed and chewed, and I had real problems in getting that out again ...

So I tasted one myself. A shiny young green one. Y-u-m.

I'll have to chew on an old leaf next, and then dry some leaves and see how they taste, and then make some tincture and see how that turns out.

Cos the taste and aftertaste is of licorice. Like, wow.