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Anniversary year

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Upcoming celebration: August 2005: 10 year anniversary.

In 1992 I went online (on a friend's account) and found alt.folklore.herbs (AFH; overrun by trolls, spammers and other such ilk, these days), and the medicinal herblist (I've run this list since 1997 or so, after the previous listowner abandoned it).

In 1994 I got my own internet account and promptly made a FAQ for AFH.

In 1995 ibiblio (it was called back then) asked if I'd like unlimited (for all practical purposes) free WWW and FTP space on their servers; content would be up to me, they'd do the backend bits - sysadmining and such. A rudimentary knowledge of a unix shell would be necessary - no trouble, as I'd been playing around with unix mainframes at the U of Helsinki anyway.
So I said "of course, thank you very much". In those days there was no commercial web hosting, and today there simply wouldn't be a Henriette's herbal homepage without that offer.

In August 1995 Henriette's herbal homepage went live.

That's 10 years ago, come August.

Mmmm. Celebrations. Balloons. Fancy homepages. And things.