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An enormous plant, but which species?

Michael Moore talks about Balsamorhiza in one or the other of his books (lemmesee: ah yes, Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West.).

And he talked about it while I was attending his school, in 1998.

I've wanted a plant or three ever since. An enormous yellow-flowering Asteraceae, where the leaves are as useful as the root? Gimme gimme! Or at least, show me show me!

So I found one, I think, in the botanical garden in Gothenburg. Only, when asking them (by email) if that large plant was in fact a Balsamorhiza, they said "Probably. We have B. careyana, B. deltoidea, B incana and maybe a few others in the American part of the rock garden". That list is less than useful, so here's a pic of the plant.

Photo: Balsamorhiza sagittata.Pic: Is this a balsamroot? If so, which species? If you recognize it as a balsamroot let me know. If you in addition can tell me which species it is, let me know that, too.



Update 19Oct05: Jimmy Persson from the botanical garden in Gothenburg confirmed that yes, it's Balsamorhiza sagittata. Thanks for that, Jimmy!