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Field week: picking more herbs

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Foot baths, flower wreaths, syrups, toffee, hard candy ...

So today (as I write this) (yesterday, as you read this), the group picked even more herbs. Basketsful of nettles, horsetail, willowherb and meadowsweet for foot baths, lots and lots of long-stemmed flowers for flowerwreaths, and various aromatic herbs for our syrups, toffee, and hard candy.

And a basketful of raspberry leaf to ferment (overnight) and dry (tomorrow), and half a basketful of the rose petals that had popped up overnight ...

... and black currant leaf for the black currant leaf drink, and rowanberry leaf for the same - we started them today, and they'll be ready for diluting (with water) and drinking tomorrow.

Mmmm. Peppermint toffee.
Mmmm. Plantain (Plantago) - mallow - thyme syrup.
Mmmm. Lemon balm - lemon thyme syrup.
Mmmm. Peppermint hard candy.

The foot baths leave people walking about 10-15 cm above ground level for the rest of the day, and everybody made flower wreaths. The variety of wreaths from pretty much the same set of flowers is astonishing.