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Ginkgo and bleeding.

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Hmmm. So does ginkgo cause bleeding or not?

I was looking for data on one herb or the other, and stumbled on ABC's HerbClips. They're cool, if rather too biased for my tastes.

Anyway, this clip caught my eye: "Systematic Review Casts Doubt on Correlation of Ginkgo Use with Bleeding". (also referenced here). (Ernst E, Canter PH, Coon JT. Does Ginkgo biloba increase the risk of bleeding? A systematic review of case reports. Perfusion. 2005;18:52-56. - I'd have linked to the abstract, but it looks like it's not online yet.) In this bit of paper research, E. Ernst (the new Tyler. Bleh.) & Co. look into papers which reported bleeding with gingko, and say that the likelihood of gingko having caused bleeding was "likely" (8/10) in only one of the 12 cases found. In 11 cases it was "possible" (5-7/10). None of the cases were "unevaluable".

Funny, though, to only have that three-tiered scale of "unevaluable" (0-3), "possible" (4-7), and "likely" (8-10) - I'd have added two more: "unlikely" and "certain".

They were smart enough to exclude single constituents. Bravo for this all too rare display of common sense in herbal scientific research!

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