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Sodium bicarbonate for the kitchen sink.

For years now I've been using herbal vinegars to clean the tiled walls in the shower. Not the good herbal vinegars, no, just the ones you couldn't possibly ingest. Like very strong lavender vinegar, which gives an overpowering taste of perfume to every food you'd care to add it to.

It's extremely refreshing when used to clean the shower walls. Strangely, teaching about this perfectly good alternative use for herbal vinegars frequently draws giggles ...

Anyway, until recently I didn't know about simple sodium bicarbonate for the kitchen sink. Now I do, and I just gave it a swirl: moisten steel sink and steel surroundings, add sodium bicarbonate, let sit, wipe off.

My, but my kitchen sink is shiny now! Wonder if this'll work on the stove as well?