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Jonno's new weblog

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These are extremely interesting.

Jonno (Jonathan Treasure) is a medical herbalist who specializes in herbs for cancer. He's also a physiology nerd.

He's started a blog (here's hoping he'll keep it up), and the first few posts are very good:
1) a 3 MB .mov file of the exploding pollen pod of a Cornus.

2) how pseudoscience is passed off as real science in medical reporting

3) a report on the synergy of a single constituent and a supplement in cancer cells in vitro.

4) medical physiology vs. the physiology herbalists need - a 80 MB .mp3 file of a 45 minute lecture.

Jonno: I LURV YOU IN ALL CAPS for #2 and #4. More!

(Herbal Ed has done a few podcasts. Yours is lovely, but herbal Ed manages to cram 45 minutes into 10 MB.)