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Two unusual pulsatillas.

A week or three ago, in the botanical garden in Helsinki:

Photo: Pulsatilla flavescens 1. Pic: Pulsatilla flavescens, a yellow-flowering pulsatilla.

Pretty, isn't it? The red one is pretty, too:

Photo: Pulsatilla regeliana 6. Pic: Pulsatilla regeliana, a red-flowering pulsatilla.

There's one or the other wild pulsatilla over here, but they're endangered, so it's best to just grow pulsatilla in the garden. The usual one is of course purple (Pulsatilla vulgaris), but for variety, yellow and red both work as well.

If you read olde tomes you can see that the Brits were (still are?) scratching their collective heads about pulsatilla: "what is all the fuss about?" That's because the Brits were using dried herb tincture ... pulsatilla only works if you use fresh herb in your tincture.

Very good herb, is pulsatilla.

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