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The first signs of spring.

[image:15204 align=left hspace:1]There was a splash of color in my front garden. The one where all the snow has melted, as it's a down-sloping south-facing wall. So I went for a look-see to find tussilago - alas, it's not up yet.

It wasn't there yesterday - or, if it was, I didn't see it. And it's not in flower yet. Still: it's the first crocus of the year. Yay!

Alder in flower.Pic: Alder in flower. And the alder (Alnus sp.) is in flower. Alder flower.Pic: Alder flower. Birches aren't, and other catkin-flowering trees like oaks aren't there by a long shot yet. I didn't go for a longer walk to see if the hazelnut was flowering - it might be, I'll check later this week.

A root vegetable caught my eye, overwintered, on top of the dirt, with overwintered greens. Not kohlrabi, the other kind, lemme check: ah yes, rutabaga (Brassica napus var. napobrassica). I think.
Overwintered rutabaga.Pic: Overwintered rutabaga.

Spring is coming, slowly but surely. Snowmelt is major, sunny spots are bare, other spots less so. But there's no greens except those that overwintered under the snow.

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