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Yew toxicity.

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Most online texts assume that all species of yew are equally toxic. They're not.

One source which is fairly good at separating deadly from mild tummyache is plants.usda.gov.

Here's their lineup:
1) Taxus baccata, English yew: Toxicity: severe
2) Taxus brevifolia, Pacific yew: Toxicity: moderate
3) Taxus canadensis, Canada yew: toxicity: moderate
4) Taxus cuspidata, Japanese yew: toxicity: severe
5) Taxus floridana, Florida yew: no toxicity data on plants.usda.gov
6) Taxus x media (= Taxus baccata x cuspidata): toxicity: severe

It'd be nice if people would try to get their facts straight before crying "it's deadly, deadly I tell you!".

... yes, I know. I'll dream on, though.

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