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Photo: Lippia alba.

Taxonomy extra:
Flower. Rio de Janeiro bot.g., Brazil. Planted. 2001-02-13.
Lippia alba (P. Mill.) N. E. Br ex Britt. & Wilson Engl.: anise verbena, bushy lippia, bushy matgrass. Deu.: Anis-Verbene. Sven.: anisverbena. Bot. syn.: Lantana alba P. Mill., Lippia geminata Kunth
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Hi I wanted to know where I could order some of these seeds from I live in western Canada and I am starting up a small business that deals with herbal and medicinal teas,and other tropical fruit trees as well.I have a hole list that I'm looking for so if anyone can help me that would be great thanks.
Lippia alba is good for Colitis which I have.Thanks again.


Try herbal seed companies. That's a long shot, I know, but it might just work ...

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