Photo: Medicago lupulina 1.

Botanical name: 

Flowering patch. Kew Garden, London, UK. Planted. 2004-06-04.

Medicago lupulina L.
Engl.: black medic, black medick, hop clover, hop medic, nonesuch, yellow trefoil.
Deu.: Hopfenklee, Gelbklee, Hopfen-Luzerne, Hopfen-Schneckenklee.
Suom.: nurmimailanen.
Sven.: humlelusern, humlelucern.
Fran.: luzerne lupuline, lupuline, minette dorée.
Ital.: erba-medica lupulina.
Port.: lupulina, luzerna-brava, luzerna-lupulina

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Photo: Medicago lupulina 1.


Black Medic
Strong aqueous, steeped "tea" has recognized antibacterial and anticeptic properties.
When scratched or mildly cut in the garden, crush Black Medic leaves in your fingertips and rub generously on the abrasion.
It will help keep the wound clean until you can wash it better, later. An infection prevention.

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