Photo: Galega officinalis 2.

Botanical name: 

Flowers. Westers garden, Kemiö, Finland. Planted. 2002-08-10.

Galega officinalis L.
Engl.: goat's rue, professor-weed, galega.
Deu.: Pestilenzkraut, Geissraute.
Suom.: rohtovuohenherne.
Sven.: getruta, bockruta, getklöver, läkeruta

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Photo: Galega officinalis 2.


In the midst of unraveling a botanical ID mystery, I think this & G. glabra 4 may be Galega officinalis.

Thank you for all the photos and in the infinitely useful site!!!

I think you're right, which would explain _why_ the "licorice" grew so nicely :-)
(It's usually difficult to get to germinate).
Many thanks!

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