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Introduction to the scanned version.

Biographies of

John King, M. D., Andrew Jackson Howe, A. B., M. D., and John Milton Scudder, M. D.

Accompanied by Many Valuable and Historical Portraits and Other Illustrations

By Harvey Wickes Felter, M. D.

With Introduction

Scanned version copyright © 2001-2014 Michael Moore. Used with permission.
This is the .html version. You'll find the .pdf version on Michael's site.

Now I understand why Scudder, too, was so famous, even if his Specific Medication (online here) is mediocre at best. Fascinating. Thank you, Michael!


The Biographies of King, Howe, and Scudder, 1912, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M. D.

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