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Introduction to the scanned version.

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Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants

A Book of Valuable Information for Growers as well as Collectors of Medicinal Roots, Barks, Leaves, Etc.

A. R. Harding
(Revised Edition.)

Published By
A. R. Harding
Columbus, Ohio


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Scanned version copyright © 2002–2014 Michael Moore. Used with permission.
This is the .html version. You'll find the .pdf version on Michael's site.

Written in 1909 and 1912, from the final revision of 1936, this was THE book on Ginseng and Golden Seal cultivation for many decades. I have added a few better plates to the last few chapters...reprinted for so many years, I can just imagine the dried ink caked on the 17-year-old zinc plates in the ancient galleys...some things even mighty Photoshop cannot repair digitally.

-- Michael Moore.

And now for something different: a book that tells you how to pick/grow and process plants for the herb trade. Prominently featured are the two major moneymakers in the trade of the early 1900s: ginseng and goldenseal. The Ginseng growing bits get a bit repetitive, but still, it's well worth a read. I rather liked the bit about Korean ginseng growers. Note, too, that diggers got a few cents a pound for most of their dried roots...

Have fun!
--Henriette, 27Jan02.

Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants, 1936, was written by A. R. Harding.

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