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Treacle Mustard.

Botanical name:

Plate 37. Thlaspi discordis.

A little wild plant with broad leaves, white flowers, and flat pods, common in dry places. It is eight inches high; the stalk is round and striated. The leaves are oblong, and broad, of a pale green colour, and dentated round the edges. They grow irregularly on the stalks, and have no foot stalks. The flowers are very small, a little tuft of them stands at the top of the stalk, and the pods follow them; so that the usual appearance, when the plant is in flower, is a short spike of the pods, with a little cluster of flowers on the top; the pods are large, flat, roundish, and edged with a leafy border. The seeds are small, brown, and of a hot taste. The seed is the part used; but our druggists generally sell the seeds of the garden cress, in the place of it. It is not much regarded.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.

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