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NUTMEGS ARE POISONOUS.—Early in December, 1884, one afternoon, a lady here ate one and a half nutmegs. About two hours after, she became drowsy, and remained so nearly an hour, the drowsiness amounting almost to stupor. This was followed by an excited condition, with sharp pain in the brain, then involuntary laughter, wild fancies and incessant talking, without loss of consciousness. Presently pain was felt in the region of the heart, with cold extremities and a depressing sensation. Her face was very pale and her pulse weak and thready. These alarming symptoms lasted more than an hour, during which time two doses of ammonium bromide were administered. Next morning it was necessary to repeat the dose. Since then she has been unusually nervous.

I publish this case because it is not generally known that nutmeg is poisonous; and, being regarded as a valuable domestic remedy, it is well to remember that large doses of it are dangerous. This patient took about 135 grs., whereas from 5 to 20 grs. is the dose.


The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 57, 1885, was edited by John M. Maisch.

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