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Location and Property for Sale.—I offer my location and property in Oakland City, Gibson Co., Indiana, consisting of a neat cottage, well finished; three rooms up stairs and three below, well finished stable, and all necessary outbuildings. Has been an Eclectic stand for twenty years. No other Eclectic physician nearer than twenty miles. The very place for a man bringing up a family, as we have a fine College which is an honor to Southern Indiana. Practice worth $2.000 a year. Price $1.000, $7.00 down, balance on one year's time. Reason for selling, loss of health. Address
Dr. W. L. Leister, Oakland City, Gibson Co., Indiana,

Agents.—The little scientific and infallible Lamp Chimney Protector will sell wherever kerosene oil is used. It equalizes the heat so that the glass expands equally all over, and arrests sudden drafts of cold air. Sample and wholesale terms sent on receipt of ten cents to pay postage. Address
G. Mead, Bedford, Iowa.

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Vol. XXXIV, 1874, was edited by John M. Scudder, M.D.

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