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Minutes of the Homeopathic-Eclectic Conference.

(Foreseeing the troubles ahead, these conferences were a unique effort by separate-but-equal Eclectic and Homeopathic physicians to stem the Carnegie and Rockefeller-funded Flexner and "National Board" tide.—MM.)

CHICAGO, ILL., February 8, 1916.
Auditorium hotel.

The fourth annual joint meeting of the committees representing the American Institute of Homeopathy and the National Eclectic Medical Association was called to order by Dr. FitzPatrick, who nominated Dr. Scudder for chairman. Dr. FitzPatrick was nominated for secretary. They were declared elected.

Roll Call.

A. I. H. Eclectic
Stewart Scudder
Replogle Thomas
Beebe Mundy
McCann Wilmeth
Siemon Best
FitzPatrick Spindel
Copeland Cummins

Chairman Scudder drew attention to the method in vogue for selecting the personnel of the committees—advised enlarging the body and selecting men with care as to their fitness and influence, Dr. Beebe and others concurring.

The Federation of State Medical Examining Boards of the United States received a free and considerable discussion in reference to a National Licensing Board.

Dr. Siemon moved that we recommend to the American Institute of Homeopathy and National Eclectic Medical Association that as nearly as possible in the appointment of the Conference Committees that have to do with the interests of our respective schools as they relate to general medical interests the principle be followed that fitness and willingness to serve rather than geographical and personal reasons obtain. Said committee to be composed of not less than ten from each of the two associations. Discussed by Drs. Mundy, McCann and Stewart. Seconded and adopted.

Dr. Scudder moved that a copy of the list of members, both Homeopathic and Eclectic, now holding office on the various State Boards be sent to each member of the Conference Committee as well as to the representative State Board members. Seconded and adopted.

Dr. McCann moved that as there are non-members of the National Societies holding positions upon the State Examining Boards as representatives of these two schools, that they be investigated and an effort be made to rectify this deplorable situation. Seconded and adopted.

A resolution proposed by Dr. T. H. Carmichael, Philadelphia, Pa. (absent): Resolved, That as a joint conference of committees representing the American Institute of Homeopathy and the National Eclectic Medical Association, we agree to recommend to these respective National Societies that upon matters brought before this joint conference which have been discussed and adopted, each of the above-named societies shall work in conjunction with the other as a unit. Seconded and adopted.

As a suggestion, it was moved that the Conference Committee draw up a model medical practice act, to be submitted to the Federation of State Medical Examining Boards of the United States in 1917. Adopted.

As a suggestion, it was moved that the American Institute of Homeopathy and the National Eclectic Medical Association in June, 1916, each appoint a committee for the purpose of inspecting, valuing and classifying their own medical colleges and hospitals with a view to manifesting our independence of the American Medical Association Council of Medical Education. Adopted.

Moved that the question of approval of the self-appointed "National Board of Medical Examiners" be referred to our National organizations for consideration.

JOHN K. SCUDDER, M.D., Chairman.
630 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati, O

Secretary. Chicago, Ill.

Eclectic members of State Medical Boards.

* Not members of the National Eclectic Medical Association.

Arizona * William H. Sargent, Phoenix.
Arkansas *E. M. Jernigan, president, Eector.
(Separate Board.) E. L. Sullivan, Poughkeepsie.
Pearl H. Tatman, Eureka Springs
C. E. Laws, secretary, Ft. Smith.
L. Gardner, Atkins.
W. C. Dallenbaugh, Pine Bluff.
California H. V. Brown, 643 Euclid Ave., Los Angeles.
Connecticut John W. Fyfe, president, Saugatuck.
(Separate Board.) E. A. Markham, Durham.
E. H. Marsh, Mansfield Center.
James E. Hair, Bridgeport.
T. S. Hodge, secretary, Torrington.
Florida Prank E. Galvas, president, Lake Worth.
(Separate Board.) George L. Dickerson, secretary, Jacksonville.
Georgia A. F. White, Flovilla.
O. B. Walker, Bowman.
A. F. Fleming, Waycross.
Idaho *J. J. Herrington, Gifford.
Illinois E. S. Spindel, Springfield.
Indiana M.S. Canfield, Frankfort.
Iowa G. F. Severs, Centerville.
Kansas A. S. Ross, Sabetha.
Kentucky Geo. T. Fuller, Mayfield.
Massachusetts A. L. Chase, Randolph.
Michigan *Nelson McLaughlin, Lake Odessa.
A. L. Robinson, Allegan.
Missouri T. A. Son, Bonne Terre.
Nebraska H. B. Cummins, secretary, Seward.
Nevada *S. L. Lee, secretary, Carson City.
New Hampshire *W. H. True, Laconia.
New Jersey D. P. Borden, Paterson.
New York Earl H. King, Saratoga Springs.
Ohio S. M. Sherman, Columbus.
John K. Scudder, Cincinnati.
Oklahoma M. Gray, Mountain View.
W. T. Bay, Gould.
Oregon *Urling C. Coe, Bend.
Pennsylvania C. L. Johnstonbaugh, Bethlehem.
South Dakota W. E. Daniels, Madison.
Tennessee B. L. Simmons, Granville.
Texas M. A. Cooper, Childress.
M. F. Bettencourt, Mart.
Utah C. L. Olsen, Murray.
Vermont F. H. Godfrey, Chelsea.
*P. L. Temipleton, Montpelier.
Wisconsin *F. C. Haney, Watertown.
*R. C. Rodecker, Holcombe.

Homeopathic members of State Examining Boards.

* Not members of the American Institute of Homeopathy

Alaska Harry C. DeVighne, secretary, Juneau.
Arkansas Victor H. Hallman, president, Hot Springs.
(Separate Board.) *George M. Love, Rogers.
W. B. Hughes, 900 Scott St., Little Rock.
C. S. Bungardt, Pt. Smith.
Perry C. Williams, Texarkana.
Ida J. Brooks, 219 E. 10th St., Little Rock.
Scott O. Runnels, secretary, 900 Scott St., Little Rock.
California Chas. B. Pinkham, secr., 135 Stockton, San Francisco.
Colorado David A. Strickler, secretary, Empire Building, Denver.
Leonard E. Bartz, Windsor.
Connecticut E. M. C. Hall, secretary, 82 Grand Ave., New Haven.
(Separate Board.) Wm. Pitt Baldwin, 1145 Chapel St., New Haven.
H. A. Roberts, Derby.
*F. E. Wilcox, Willimantic.
E. H. Linnell, Norwich.
Delaware H. W. Howell, secretary, 824 Washington St., Wilmington.
(Separate Board.) *E. S. Anderson, Dover.
*A. E. Frantz, Wilmington.
*T. O. Cooper, Wilmington.
*J. Paul Lukens, Wilmington.
Florida *Chas. W. Johnson, president, Jacksonville.
(Separate Board.) F. C. Whitaker, Brandentown.
J. B. Griffin, secretary, Bishop Bkig., St. Augustine.
Georgia C. M. Paine, 629 Grant B'ldg., Atlanta.
Illinois T. B. Lewis, Hammond.
Indiana Wm. T. Gott, secretary, Crawfordsville.
Kentucky C. A. Fisk, Frankfort.
Louisiana C. E. Mayer, president, 919 St. Charles, New Orleans.
(Separate Board.) *J. W. Belden, New Orleans.
*E. A. Bayley, New Orleans.
*F. H. Hardenstein, 1688 Eoberts St., New Orleans.
Maine *Wm. S. Thompson, Augusta.
Maryland O. N. Duvall, secretary, 1817 N. Fulton, Baltimore.
(Separate Board.) W. Dulaney Thomas, president, 905 N. Gilmor, Baltimore.
H. H. Stansbury, 920 W. North Ave., Baltimore.
G. L. Ewalt, 905 N. Gilmor, Baltimore.
M. E. Shamer, 548 N. Fulton Ave., Baltimore.
G. H. Wright, Forest Glen.
*C. F. Goodell, Frederick. A. P. Stauffer, Hagerstown.
Massachusetts Sam'l H. Calderwood, chairman, 221 Warren, Boston.
Michigan Geo. L. LeFevre, president, Muskegon.
Minnesota R. D. Matehan, 312 Masonic Temple, Minneapolis.
A. G. Moffat, Howard Lake.
Annah Hurd, 602 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis.
Missouri T. H. Wilcoxen, Bowling Green.
Nebraska E. A. Carr, president, 516 Banker's Life Bldg, Lincoln.
New Hampshire E. V. Sweet, secretary, Rochester.
(Separate Board.) Geo. E. Smith, president, Dover.
*C. W. Adams, Franklin.
*Henry M. Wiggin, Whitefield.
Channing Bishop, Bristol.
New Jersey *Edw Hill Baldwin, president, Newark.
F. Wilburn Cornwell, Plainfield.
New York H. B. Minton, president, 165 Joralemon, Brooklyn.
F. S. Farnsworth, Plattsburg.
North Dakota Francis Peake, Jamestown.
Ohio Charles E. Sawyer, Marion.
L. E. Siemon, 2174 E. 46th St., Cleveland.
Oregon H. S. Nichols, president, 803 Corbett Bidg., Portland.
Pennsylvania I. D. Metzger, 2nd Nat. Bank Bidg., Pittsburgh.
D. P. Maddux, Chester.
Rhode Island John H. Bennett, Pawtucket.
Tennessee W. L. MeCreary, vice-president, 421 W. Clinch, Knoxville.
Texas T. J. Growe, 908 Browder St., Dallas.
Vermont G. I. Porbes, Burlington.
Virginia. R. O. Williams, Hot Springs.
H. S. Corey, 18 W. Grace St., Richmond.
Washington Elmer D. Olmstead, 1826 Riverside Ave., Spokane.
Wisconsin G. H. Ripley, president, Kenosha.
Fay T. Clark, Waupun.

National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, Vol. 7, 1915-16, was edited by William Nelson Mundy, M.D.

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