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Report of Corresponding Secretary and Editor of Quarterly

THE PRESIDENT: We will now hear the report of the corresponding secretary, Dr. Adlerman.

To the Officers and Members of the National Eclectic Medical Association:

In presenting my tenth annual report as editor of the QUARTERLY, I do not think it will be out of order to bring to your attention some of the problems which confronted us in the editorial offices during this last year.

Many, if not all, of the national advertisers were operating this last year under advertising budgets made for periods of from one to six months, while many others suppressed their advertising contracts altogether. No contracts were given for the usual year's time.

Some few of the houses which have arranged for a year's advertising business soon changed their budgets, with a corresponding loss of business by nearly all medical publications.

Of 263 advertising houses replying to a questionnaire as to the size of their advertising appropriations for 1933-34, in comparison with last year's quota, 20 stated that they expected to spend more, 191 expected to spend very much less, and the others were not certain if they were going to advertise at all.

To say that we were panic-stricken more than once, does not express it. It required a great deal of labor to obtain the advertising which we are entitled to as a school of medicine.

According to an official statement made by a well-known publishing house, many medical journals would have gone under if it had not been for additional fees received from members.

With all of the above-mentioned difficulties, and with increased cost of paper, illustrations, cover and labor, it is not without pride that I am bringing to your attention the fact that this year we are turning into the treasury a greater amount than last year, with all bills paid.

T.D. ADLERMAN, A.B., M.D. Editor-Manager

National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, Vol. 26, 1934-35, was edited by Theodore Davis Adlerman, M.D.

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