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Address of welcome

DR. LOWRY C. M. CONLEY: Mr. Chairman, Members of the National Eclectic Medical Association: In all your sojourning from state to state, I am sure you have never been more welcome than you are here today in Detroit. We are greatly inspired by your coming here at this time. To us you represent a ride to our destination, and I can promise you that we are going places with renewed vigor.

Members of the Michigan State Society: We hear considerable about the new deal. I am not sure whether it is Franklin D. Roosevelt's or Dr. Hubbard's, but I rather believe it is Dr. Hubbard's elaboration of the former. Whatever it may be, it has certainly enthused me more than anything that has happened in our society since I have been in Michigan. I will try very hard to impart some of that enthusiasm to you.

Who more than I can appreciate your being here? I am the only Eclectic in the state of Michigan who has attended every state meeting that has been held for the past twenty years. I will always be there as long as I am able to travel, because I consider it a duty to the Eclectic cause. I can not help wondering, as I sit in our meetings with Drs. Wagner, Pangburn and Deffenbaugh, if some of you members, and those of you who should be members, have not forgotten your alma mater. To her you owe your very professional existence. One day each year is all too little to ask of you. Your own appreciation of whatever you have accomplished in a professional way should cause you to offer more than Eclecticism will ever ask of you.

This is in no sense a criticism. I have treated the national (for which I apologize) as you have treated your state meetings. Never until this year have they sold me on my duties to the national, and I in turn have not sold you on your duties to your state meetings. It is certainly time some salesmanship was initiated into the old regime. Only with your assistance can it be successful.

Ladies of the Women's Auxiliary: There are no words of welcome which would exactly explain our appreciation for the work you are doing. We will endeavor to do that with deeds. If you will turn to the last pages of the program you will find a list of the names of your officers and committees and a summary of your activities. We were not merely trying to be nice; we believe that you are entitled to something tangible for your labors.

When the good wife says, "Doctor, I had a nice time at the national in Detroit; we did some good missionary work; we must go to the national again next year," the doctor may make excuses about this or that, but you will both be there, and when you are, no one need fear for either the Eclectic school or the societies.

Our only hope is that your visit will be a very pleasant and profitable one and that you will want to come again.

THE PRESIDENT: The next speaker needs no introduction. He is one of the most honored members of our association, and will respond on behalf of the National Eclectic Medical Association. I have the honor to present Dr. C. W. Beaman of Cincinnati.

National Eclectic Medical Association Quarterly, Vol. 26, 1934-35, was edited by Theodore Davis Adlerman, M.D.

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