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Extractum Buchu Fluidum (U. S. P.)—Fluid Extract of Buchu.

Related entry: Buchu (U. S. P.)—Buchu

Preparation.—"Buchu, in No. 60 powder, one thousand grammes (1000 Gm.) [2 lbs. av., 3 ozs., 120 grs.]; alcohol, a sufficient quantity to make one thousand cubic centimeters (1000 Cc.) [33 fl℥, 391♏]. Moisten the powder with four hundred cubic centimeters (400 Cc.) [13 fl℥, 252♏] of alcohol, and pack it firmly in a cylindrical percolator; then add enough alcohol to saturate the powder and leave a stratum above it. When the liquid begins to drop from the percolator, close the lower orifice, and, having closely covered the percolator, macerate for 48 hours. Then allow the percolation to proceed, gradually adding alcohol, until the buchu is exhausted. Reserve the first eight hundred and fifty cubic centimeters (850 Cc.) [28 fl℥, 356♏] of the percolate, and evaporate the remainder to a soft extract; dissolve this in the reserved portion, and add enough alcohol to make the fluid extract measure one thousand cubic centimeters (1000 Cc.) [33 fl℥, 391♏]"—(U. S. P.).

Description, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—Fluid extract of buchu has a clear, deep-green color, and the taste and odor of buchu leaves. It is a gently stimulating diuretic, and may be used in chronic catarrh of the bladder, gravel, morbid irritation of the bladder and urethra, and other affections of the urinary organs. The dose is from 20 to 60 minims 3 times a day.

Related Preparation.—EXTRACTUM BUCHU FLUIDUM COMPOSITUM (N. F.), Compound fluid extract of buchu. Formulary number, 144: "Buchu, six hundred and twenty-five grammes (625 Gm.) [1 lb. av., 6 ozs., 20 grs:]; cubeb, one hundred and twenty-five grammes (125 Gm.) [4 ozs. av., 179 grs.]; juniper, one hundred and twenty-five grammes (125 Gm.) [4 ozs. av., 179 grs.]; uva ursi, one hundred and twenty-five grammes (125 Gm.) [4 ozs. av., 179 grs.]. Process A (see F. 135). No. 40 powder. Menstruum: Alcohol, 2 volumes; water, 1 volume"—(Nat. Form.).

King's American Dispensatory, 1898, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.

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