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Force of Sunlight, Vibrations and their Influence on the Body if Passed through Colored Glass, etc.

Experience has proven that sunlight or electric light passed through colored glass or reflected by a colored reflector, will increase or decrease the circulation according to what colors the rays pass through. This the writer thinks is of enough importance to the medical profession to mention it as well as giving a short outline of effects, etc.

As light passing through red will increase vibration far above the normal, it becomes a stimulant and irritant to the body or parts on which it is focused, thus powerfully increasing the circulation while under its influence.

Blue acts in the opposite way, it sedates and depresses. On light passing through blue, vibrations are decreased below the normal.

As our circulation tries to keep time with the surrounding vibrations it will be decreased or increased according to the influence of the colors as stated. Decreased by blue and increased by red.

This will explain why the influence of light passed through blue is indicated in fever or inflammatory conditions, while red is indicated where there is lack of circulation and where stimulants and irritants are in place.

Modifications of above colors act similarly, green being cooling and sedating, while shades of red are more or less irritating according to intensity of the red, etc.

From this it can be readily seen why a patient with fever and active delirium should never be in a room where the sunlight passes through red window panes or red curtains, nor should the walls be red. It is irritating and harmful. It increases circulation and determination of blood to the head.

Blue window panes or blue curtains will be cooling and sedating if sunlight passes through them. Here again where sedation acts as a powerful depressant and where patient is cool and depressed this is contra-indicated. In general white walls, plain window panes, with blue, green or olive shades are preferable, especially the last.

It can thus be seen that a knowledge of use and abuse of colors is important to the physician. In the treatment of insanity it is a great aid to other indicated remedies, rules, etc.

A good way of using colors locally in any condition where local effects only are wanted and in places where there are electric light plants, is to get a reflector with insulated cords. Attach to circuit and screw on a blue or red globe as the case may demand. Then turn on your light and you are ready for work. Sunlight may be passed through colored glass for general effect, or through specially arranged reflectors for local conditions.

A few points on the positive and negative forces harmony, etc., are not out of place, in fact are necessary to get a general understanding of the forces. The laws of harmony require contrast, but not contrary forces. Similar colors for instance, repel, arouse and thus intensify one another.

Electricity of Heat: All alkalies, sweets, hydrogen, carbon or fatty food, mustard, pepper, ginger, head, left side. of the body, laxatives, rubefacients, steam, hot water, hot air, arterial blood, sensory nerve force, negative pole of battery, south pole of a magnet, red, orange, yellow and yellow green, rays of light, etc.

Electricity of Cold includes: Acids, ice, cold water, cold air, oxygen, acid fruits, the north pole of a magnet, the positive pole of a battery, the right side of the body, the feet, the venous blood, motor nerve force, astringents, refrigerants, sedatives, blue, blue-green, indigo and violet colors, etc.

Overexcitability is relieved by hanging blue glass in window, have blue curtains, especially on the sunny side, bluish walls. Useful also in insanity where there is overexcitability.

Scanty or Suppressed Menses: Focus red lens over each ovary a few minutes at or just before the time of the menses.

Too Frequent Menstruation, or too profuse, is cured by the focusing the blue lens over each ovary a few minutes little before the menses are expected. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

Cystitis: Focus blue lens over bladder.

Wens, Moles and Warts: Focus light upon them through a burning glass from 2 to 5 minutes and repeat if necessary.

Corns: Shave down and a burning glass focused on same a little while will destroy the roots.

Birth Marks: Entirely destroyed by the use of a burning glass, entirely burning away part of the discoloration. Effects are better when focused through a blue lens in front of the burning glass.

Cancer Superficial: Burning glass is used to burn it out. Some cocaine may be applied before using to mitigate pain. It destroys the germs in surface cancers. Deep seated cancers cannot be reached by this method of course.

Variola: The late Dr. N. R. Finsen has given us proof, that the light passed through red window panes is very beneficial in this disease; furthermore it has been demonstrated by him that it will prevent pitting, something dreaded more by most people than the disease itself. This would suggest that variola is of an asthenic nature.

NOTE.—Dr. E. D. Babbitt's work, "The Principles of Light and Color," as far back as in 1878 gives the therapeutic value of light and color in general.

The Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics, 1905, was written by Fred J. Petersen, M.D.

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