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*Fucus Vesiculosus,—Sea-wrack.

Botanical name:

*Fucus Vesiculosus,—Sea-wrack.

Fucus Vesiculosus is a perennial plant of the order Algae, commonly called Bladder-wrack or Sea-wrack, which grows as a sea-weed along the coast, and may be easily recognized by its flat leaf, with a midrib throughout its length, and in it a number of small spherical vesicles, filled with air. It contains mucilage, soda and Iodine, but less of the latter than is found in other algae which inhabit deeper water. A Decoction of the plant is the best form in which to administer it.

Therapeutics. Fucus was formerly official in the Irish Pharmacopoeia, and has been employed as an alterative and tonic in goitre, psoriasis, glandular enlargements, etc., but more especially to produce the absorption of adipose tissue, an extract being largely sold as a remedy for obesity, under the name of "Anti-fat".

A Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Prescription Writing, 1902, by Sam'l O. L. Potter, M.D., M.R.C.P.L.

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