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580. Erigeron.—Fleabane. Daisy Fleabane. 581. Erigeron canadense.—Canada Fleabane.

580. ERIGERON.—FLEABANE. DAISY FLEABANE. The herb of Erig'eron an'nuus Persoon, E. philadelphicus Linné, and E. strigosus Muhlenberg. Habitat: North America and Europe. All resemble one another and are indiscriminately employed in medicine. They have erect stems, much branched at the top, bearing terminal corymbs of wheel-shaped flowers having delicate, thread-like, white or purple ray-florets and yellow diskflorets; all parts of the plant are pubescent. Taste bitterish; odor feebly aromatic, due to a small quantity of volatile oil. Diuretic and stomachic, sometimes used in the treatment of gravel and dropsy. Dose: 30 to 60 gr. (2 to 4 Gm.), in infusion.

581. ERIGERON CANADENSE Linné.—CANADA FLEABANE. Habitat: North America. (Herb.) This differs from the other species principally in having a bristly stem and flowers with very inconspicuous ray-florets and straw-colored disk-florets. Odor aromatic; taste bitterish, somewhat acrid. It contains a bitter principle, and a volatile oil which is OFFICIAL in the U.S.P. VIII. Properties and dose about the same as preceding.

581a. OLEUM ERIGERONTIS, U.S.P. VIII.—(CANADA FLEABANE.) A limpid, straw-colored liquid becoming thick and dark on exposure; odor aromatic, persistent; taste characteristic. Adulterated with the oil of fireweed, Erechthites hieracifolia (567). Stimulant and diuretic, resembling oil of turpentine in action, especially as a hemostatic, but is less irritating and stimulating. Dose: 10 to 30 drops (0.6 to 2 Mils).

A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917, was written by Lucius E. Sayre, B.S. Ph. M.

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