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Important Incompatibles.

Acacia (gum), with alcohol iron, lead-water, and mineral acids.

Acids (mineral), with alkalies and relatively weak salts of other acids, such as bromides, chlorides, and iodides.

Alkalies, with acids and with relatively weak salts.

Antipyrin and antifebrin should be given with alcohol or water only.

Arsenic, with tannic acid, salts of iron, and lime and magnesia.

Bitter infusions and tinctures, with salts of iron and lead.

Bromides, with acids, acid salts, or alkalies.

Calomel, with antipyrin, alkalies, lime-water, salts of iron and lead, and iodide of potassium.

Camphor (spirit of), with water.

Carbonates, with acids and acid salts.

Chloral, with cyanides.

Chlorides, with silver salts, lead salts, and alkalies.

Chloroform (except in minute quantity), with water.

Corrosive sublimate, with alkalies, lime-water, salts of iron and lead, iodide of potassium, albumin, gelatine, and vegetable astringents. (It may, however, be advantageously combined with tincture of the chloride of iron and liq. acidi arsenosi, or with iodide of potassium).

Digitalis, with iron and preparations containing tannic acid.

Iron (salts), with anything containing tannic acid. Tincture of the chloride -of iron, with alkalies, carbonates, mucilages, and preparations containing tannic acid.

Mucilages, with acids, iron salts, and alcohol.

Potassium chlorate (and potassium permanganate) should not be rubbed up with tannic acid or other organic oxidixable substance.

Potassium (iodide of), with all strong acids and acid salts. (See corrosive sublimate.)

Spirit of nitrous ether with antipyrin, sulphate of iron, tincture of guaiacum, and most carbonates.

Vegetable preparations holding tannic acid, with salts of iron and lead.

Alkaloids are precipitated or destroyed by tannic acid, alkalies, iodin or iodides, and chlorinous compounds.

The Eclectic Practice of Medicine, 1907, was written by Rolla L. Thomas, M. S., M. D.

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