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Figure 49. The motor tract

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(Starr): S, fissure of Sylvius; NL, lenticular nucleus; OT, optic thalamus; NC, caudate nucleus; C, crus; P, pons; M, medulla; O, olivary body. The tracts for face, arms, and legs gather from the lower, middle, and upper thirds of the motor area, pass into the capsule, and through the crus and pons, where the face-fibers cross to the opposite VII. N. nucleus, while the others pass on to the lower medulla, where they partially decussate to enter the lateral column of the cord, the non-decussating fibers passing into the ant. median columns. Lesion in cortex causes monoplegia; in capsule, hemiplegia; in pons, alternating paralysis. (Lockwood.)

This image is from Cerebral Hemorrhage in Thomas' Eclectic Practice of Medicine.

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