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Preface to Second Edition.

The disposal of the first edition within a year has been most gratifying to the author, and I desire to thank the Profession for the cordial reception of the work. With the exception of a correction of minor errors, which were overlooked in the hurried preparation of the manuscript, I have not found it necessary to revise the second edition. Owing to more recent knowledge of the transmission of yellow fever, the article on this disease has been rewritten.

While due attention has been paid to the etiology, pathology, and diagnosis of diseased conditions, the writer believes that the physician's greatest success in treating the sick is due to his knowledge of therapeutics and the readiness with which he is able to apply his remedies to diseased conditions. It is along these lines that he is to make his most enduring reputation with his patients and the public.

An experience of twenty-seven years, coupled with that of thousands of my fellow practitioners, enables me to present a treatment that is direct, pleasant, and attended with a minimum mortality.

September 1, 1907.

The Eclectic Practice of Medicine, 1907, was written by Rolla L. Thomas, M. S., M. D.

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