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2.35 Rocket

Botanical name:

[image:13025 align=left hspace=1]Latin name: Eruca sativa

2.35.1 Growing Rocket

From: nmm1.cam.ac.uk (Nick Maclaren):
It is a quick-growing annual about 2' high, and even in the UK will produce seed in well under a growing season. Sow it every few weeks for succession, and leave one early sowing for seed. It will probably escape, but is not a pernicious weed. A late sowing will last until the first severe frosts.

2.35.2 Harvesting rocket

From: nmm1.cam.ac.uk (Nick Maclaren):
Use its leaves fresh.

2.35.3 Using / preserving rocket

From: nmm1.cam.ac.uk (Nick Maclaren):
It has a smoky taste, and is used to enliven salads - it gives some flavour even to supermarket Iceberg lettuce! It is probably the best of the traditional (but now neglected) salad plants, and is well worth the space even in a very small garden.

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