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6.3 Good Periodicals.

6.3.1 For enthusiasts (emphasis on color pictures)

  • The Herb Companion
    The Herb Companion, KS, USA. http://www.herbcompanion.com
    Bimonthly, USD 20/year or USD 39/2 years (foreign USD 30/year or USD 59/2 years).
    Mainly herb gardening and culinary uses of herbs.
  • HerbalGram (Journal of the American Botanical Council and the Herb Research Foundation)
    American Botanical Council, TX, USA http://abc.herbalgram.org/site/PageServer
    Quarterly, USD 50/yr. (Foreign USD 70/yr).
    Technical and scientific, ethnobotany, latest medical research.
    Do check Jonathan Treasure's in-depth reviews of Tyler's books and the Comm. E. monographs before you let this journal talk you into buying them: http://www.herbological.com/
  • Herbs for Health.
    Herbs for Health, KS, USA. http://www.herbsforhealth.com
    Bimonthly, USD 20/year or USD 39/2 years (foreign USD 30/year or USD 59/2 years).
  • The American Herb Association Quarterly Newsletter
    American Herb Association, CA, USA. http://www.ahaherb.com
    Subscriptions: USD 35/supporting, USD 20/regular membership per year.
  • The United Plant Savers newsletter
    United Plant Savers, VT, USA. http://unitedplantsavers.org
    USD 35 - USD 100 sliding scale.
  • The Herb Quarterly
    San Anselmo, CA, USA. http://www.herbquarterly.com/
    Quarterly, ISSN 0163-9900, USD 19.95/year (internet price). (Canada and Mexico add USD 5, other foreign add USD 7).

6.3.2 For professional herbalists (emphasis on case studies)

These lead the field:

  • Medical Herbalism
    Bergner Communications, Boulder, CO, USA. http://www.medherb.com - back issues available as single issues, as a bound volume, by online subscription, or on CD.
    Subscription by year; 4 issues per; USD 36 (US), 39 (Canada), 45 (overseas). Credit cards accepted.
  • Journal of the American Herbalists Guild
    Subscription by year; 2 issues per; USD 45 (US), 60 (foreign).
  • The Modern Phytotherapist.
    MediHerb Pty Ltd., Qld., Australia. http://www.mediherb.com.au/
    Subscription by year; 2-3 issues per; AUD 33 (straya), 40 (overseas).
  • Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism
    National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA), NSW, Australia. http://www.nhaa.org.au
    Subscription by year; 4 issues per; AUD 220 (full members (practitioners)) + AUD 30 joining fee; AUD 55 (students) + AUD 10 joining fee; AUD 110.50 (supporting members) + AUD 20 joining fee. Overseas + AUD 15 (rates per 0700)
  • The British Journal of Phytotherapy. http://www.phytotherapists.org/journal.php.

This one I don't know:

  • The Canadian Journal of Herbalism
    Ontario Herbalists Association, Ontario, Canada. http://www.herbalists.on.ca/journal/
    Subscription CAD 40.00; I don't know how many issues a year or a volume.

Auf Deutsch:

  • Zeitschrift der Phytotherapie
    Stuttgart, Germany. The publisher's page is here: http://www.medizinverlage.de/ fz/0722348x/index.html
    Not really worth it; unless you're interested in phytotherapy as opposed to herbal therapy, ie. scientific studies as opposed to hands-on experience. And the website is absolutely awful. Bleh. Blinking text, blue background, colorful links all over the place ... shudder.
    6 issues per year, EUR 62 + Versandkosten.

These are secondary in importance to the practitioner:

  • The Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine - this journal is no more. Do buy used journals, if you can find them.
  • The Eclectic Medical Journals
    P.O. Box 936, Sandy, OR 97055 USA.
    Subscriptions: USD 84/yr for 6 issues.
    Comment stolen from an article by Jonathan Treasure: '... the articles in The Eclectic Medical Journals, while giving a useful insight into the grass-roots of the Eclectic movement, hardly justify their annual cost of USD 84 subscription to the average practitioner.'

6.3.3 For universities (emphasis on scientific studies)

And any other journals which consistently pop up when you do a medline or napralert search (see next section). They should be available at your local university. Subscription rates for these journals run into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year, so they are rather out of reach for people, institutions and companies without a sizeable literature budget.

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