Photo: Alpinia galanga 2.

Botanical name: 

Fresh roots. This is local supermarket quality, and hot. Helsinki, Finland. Picked. 2006-03-14.

Alpinia galanga (L.) Sw.
Engl.: greater galangal, galanga, galangal, languas, laos root, Siamese ginger, spice ginger.
Deu.: Grosser Galgant, Siamesische Ingwerlilie, Galgant, Siam-Ingwer.
Suom.: galangajuuri.
Sven.: stor galangarot, galangarot, laos, oäkta galanga, siamingefära.
Pharm.: galanga major.
Bot. syn.: Alpinia alba (Retz.) Roscoe, Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd., Amomum galanga (L.) Lour., Hellenia alba (Retz.) Willd., Heritiera alba Retz., Languas galanga (L.) Stuntz, Maranta galanga L., Zingiber galanga (L.) Stokes

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Photo: Alpinia galanga 2.

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