Photo: Alpinia officinarum.

Botanical name: 

Seed cluster. Marburg bot.g., Germany. Greenhouse. 2006-10-02.

Alpinia officinarum Hance
Engl.: lesser galangal, China root, Chinese ginger, colic root, East India catarrh root, East India root, galanga, galangal, galingale, gargaut, India root.
Deu.: Galgant, Siam Ingwer.
Suom.: pieni galanganjuuri.
Sven.: liten galangarot, galanga.
Fran.: grand galanga.
Ital.: galanga.
Pharm.: galanga minor.
Bot. syn.: Languas officinarum (Hance) Farw.

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Photo: Alpinia officinarum.

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