Photo: Artocarpus altilis.

Botanical name: 

Plant in fruit. So I took 6 pics of it during the first three or so days in Brazil. Not to worry, there's more to come... it was a very interesting tree, whenever encountered, and and distinct enough that it was easy to get good shots of it, too. Rio de Janeiro bot.g., Brazil. Planted. 2001-02-12.

Artocarpus altilis (Park.) Fosb.
Engl.: breadfruit tree, breadfruit, breadnut.
Deu.: Brotfruchtbaum.
Suom.: leipäpuu.
Fran.: arbre à pain.
Port.: fruta-pao.
Span.: árbol del pan, fruta de pan.
Bot. syn.: Artocarpus communis J. R. & G. Forst., Artocarpus incisus L. f., Sitodium altile Parkinson

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Photo: Artocarpus altilis.

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