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Photo: Camellia sinensis 4.

Taxonomy extra:
Leaf. Gothenburg bot.g., Sweden. Greenhouse. 2005-06-03.
Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze Engl.: tea, tea plant, Assam tea. Deu.: Tee. Suom.: teepensas, tee. Sven.: tebuske, te. Fran.: thèler. Ital.: te verde. Bot. syn.: Camellia oleosa (Lour.) Rehder, Camellia thea Link, Camellia theifera Griff.8, Thea assamica J. W. Mast., Thea bohea L., Thea cantoniensis Lour., Thea chinensis Sims, Thea cochinchinensis Lour., Thea oleosa Lour., Thea sinensis L., Thea viridis L.
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