Photo: Campanula rotundifolia 1.

Botanical name: 

A sparser patch, also in a crack. Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. Wild. 1993-07-01.

Campanula rotundifolia L.
Engl.: bluebell bellflower, harebell, blue bells of Scotland, bluebell, meadowbell, round-leaved bellflower.
Deu.: Rundblättrige Glockenblume.
Suom.: kissankello.
Sven.: liten blåklocka, blåklocka.
Fran.: campanule á feuilles rondes.
Bot. syn.: Campanula alaskana (Gray) W. Wight ex J. P. Anders, Campanula dubia A. DC., Campanula heterodoxa Bong., Campanula intercedens Witasek, Campanula petiolata A. DC., Campanula sacajaweana M. E. Peck

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Photo: Campanula rotundifolia 1.

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