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Photo: Cephalanthus occidentalis 1.


Flowerball, almost flowered out. Helsinki bot.g. (Kaisan.), Finland. Planted. 2007-08-29.

Cephalanthus occidentalis L.
Engl.: common buttonbush, button bush, button-willow, buttonwood, crane willow, globe flower, honey-bells, pond dogwood, swamp dogwood.
Deu.: Knopfbaum.
Sven.: bollbuske.
Pre-Linnaean: Cephalanthus foliis oppositis ternatisque, Cephalanthus foliis ternis, Platanocephalus tinifoliis ex adverso ternis, Scabiosa dendroides americana ternis foliis circa caulem ambientibus floribus ochroleucis, Valerianoides americana flore globoso pishaminis folio

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Photo: Cephalanthus occidentalis 1.

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