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Photo: Convolvulus arvensis.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plant in Medicago patch. Closely related to Calystegia sepium, hedge bindweed. Kew Garden, London, UK. Wild. 1995-07-01.
Convolvulus arvensis L. Engl.: field bindweed, bearwind, cornbind, devil's garters, field convolvulus, hedge bells, Jack-run'-in'-the-country, ropebind, withywind. Deu.: Ackerwinde. Suom.: peltokierto. Sven.: åkervinda, snarbinda, vanlig åkervinda. Bot. syn.: Convolvulus ambigens House, Convolvulus incanus auct. non Vahl, Strophocaulos arvensis (L.) Small
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Has anyone tinctured this? Would you use aerial parts or root? I have an 'in remission' cancer patient that is on C-Statin by Aiden Products, which is an extract of Convolvulus arvensis produced as a supplement to prevent the growth of new blood vessels that feed tumours. She would like to take the real plant but are the comments on the C-Statin website accurate as to the toxic load carried by the plant before the extraction process, or something exaggerated to drive people forward to the ordering page...
I am trying to find info on the web, but I would really like the input of herbalists who have used the plant an have an understanding as to the long-term 'toxic' effects of the plant, if any.

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