Photo: Datura stramonium 2.

Botanical name: 

Flowering plant. Linnés trädgård, Uppsala, Sweden. Planted. 2003-06-20.

Datura stramonium L.
Engl.: jimsonweed, thorn-apple, angel's trumpet, apple of Peru, Jamestown weed, moonflower, purple stramonium, purple thorn-apple, stinkweed, stramonium.
Deu.: Stechapfel, Weisser Stechapfel, Asthmakraut, Stachelnuss, Teufelsapfel, Tollkraut.
Suom.: hulluruoho.
Sven.: spikklubba, violett spikklubba, vit spikklubba.
Fran.: herbe au diable, herbe aux sorciers.
Ital.: stramonio.
Span.: toloache.
Bot. syn.: Datura tatula L., Datura inermis Juss. ex Jacq.

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Photo: Datura stramonium 2.

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