Photo: Digitalis purpurea.

Botanical name: 

Meadow habitat. This is toxic. Yes, it's dragged out every time doctors talk about the dangers of medicinal plants -- but herbalists do not use the plant. Neither does anybody else - what's used are purified alkaloids of this plant, as pills, by MDs. Beavercreek, OR, US. Wild. 1998-06-01.

Digitalis purpurea L.
Engl.: foxglove, purple foxglove, bloody fingers, dead men's bells, digitalis, fairy caps, fairy thimbles, fairy's glove, folk's glove, gloves of our lady, virgin's glove, witches gloves.
Deu.: Roter Fingerhut.
Suom.: sormustinkukka, rohtosormustinkukka.
Sven.: fingerborgsblomma, vanlig fingerborgsblomma

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Photo: Digitalis purpurea.

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