Photo: Genista tinctoria 3.

Botanical name: 

Flowering plant. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Planted. 2003-07-18.

Genista tinctoria L.
Engl.: dyer's greenweed, base-broom, dyer's broom, dyer's greenwood, dyer's weed, greenweed, waxen woad, wede-wixen, woodwaxen, woud-wix.
Deu.: Färberginster, Eiblatt-Ginster.
Suom.: pensasväriherne.
Sven.: färgginst.
Fran.: genet des teinturiers.
Bot. syn.: Genista alpestris Bertol., Genista anxantica Ten., Genista borysthenica Kotov, Genista campestris Janka, Genista donetzica Kotov, Genista elata Wender., Genista elatior Koch, Genista humilis Ten., Genista hungarica A. Kerner, Genista lasiocarpa Spach, Genista mantica Pollini, Genista marginata Besser, Genista mayeri Janka, Genista oligosperma Simonkai, Genista ovata Waldst. & Kit, Genista patula M. Bieb., Genista perreymondii Lois., Genista ptilophylla Spach, Genista sibirica L., Genista tanaitica Smirnow, Genista tenuifolia Lois., Genista virgata Willd.

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Photo: Genista tinctoria 3.

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