Photo: Hibiscus sabdariffa 2.

Botanical name: 

Seedpod. Brussels bot.g., Belgium. Planted. 2008-06-05.

Hibiscus sabdariffa L.
Engl.: roselle, African mallow, Florida cranberry, Guinea sorrel, hibiscus tea flower, Indian sorrel, jamaica, Jamaica sorrel, Jamaica tea flower, Jamaican sorrel, karkade, pink lemonade flower, red sorrel, red tea, rosella, royal roselle, sour-sour.
Deu.: Karkade, Afrikanische Malve, Afrikanischer Eibisch, Hibiscus-Tee, Malventee, Rosselahanf, Rote Malve.
Suom.: teehibiskus, malvatee, rosella-tee.
Sven.: rosellhibiskus.
Fran.: karkadeh.
Ital.: carcadé.
Bot. syn.: Abelmoschus cruentus Bertol, Hibiscus digitatus Cav., Hibiscus gossypiifolius Mill., Hibiscus sanguineus Griff., Sabdariffa rubra Kostel

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Photo: Hibiscus sabdariffa 2.

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