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Photo: Honckenya peploides.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant. This one is a really cool-looking brackish seashore weed. Säppi, Finland. Wild. 2000-08-16.
Honckenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. Engl.: sea sandwort, seaside sandplant, ovate sandwort, ovate-leaved sea purslane. Deu.: Salzmiere, Strandportulak. Suom.: suola-arho. Sven.: saltarv, vanlig saltarv, vildportlak. Bot. syn.: Ammadenia peploides (L.) Rupr., Arenaria peploides L., Arenia diffusa (Hornem.) Wormsk., Halianthus peploides (L.) Fr., Honckenya diffusa (Hornem.) A. & D. Löve, Honckenya oblongifolia Torr. & Gray, Minuartia peploides (L.) Hiern
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