Photo: Hypericum perforatum 21.

Botanical name: 

Infused St. John's wort oils: the cloudy oil was made from frozen fresh herb, and is still cloudy after standing for 10 days. The clear oil was made from fresh herb, and has cleared up in less than 7 days. The cloudy oil cleared up later on. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Processed. 2005-08-03.

Hypericum perforatum L.
Engl.: common St. Johnswort, perforate St John's-wort, St. John's wort, amber, goatweed, klamathweed.
Deu.: Echtes Johanniskraut, Johanniskraut, Blutkraut, Gemeines Johanniskraut, Hartheu, Tüpfel-Hartheu, Tüpfel-Johanniskraut.
Suom.: mäkikuisma, läpikuisma.
Sven.: johannesört, äkta mannablod, johannesblöda, mansblod, randpirk, äkta johannesört.
Dan.: prikbladet perikon.
Fran.: millepertuis commun, millepertuis perforé, casse-diable, millepertuis.
Ital.: iperico.
Span.: hipérico

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Photo: Hypericum perforatum 21.

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