Photo: Larix decidua 5.

Botanical name: 

Branch with the beginnings of leaf brushes and two flat green flowerbuds. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2005-04-22.

Larix decidua Mill.
Engl.: larch, European larch.
Deu.: Europäische Lärche, Lärche, Berglärche, Gemeine Lärche.
Suom.: euroopanlehtikuusi.
Sven.: europeisk lärk, lärkträd, lärk.
Fran.: mélèze d'Europe.
Pharm.: Venice turpentine, briançon manna, European false manna, gummi orenbergense, manna of Briancon, terebenthina laricini, terebenthina laricis, terebenthina venata.
Bot. syn.: Abies larix Lam., Larix europaea Lam. & DC., Larix sudetica Domin, Pinux larix L.

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Photo: Larix decidua 5.

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