Photo: Lupinus polyphyllos.

Botanical name: 

The usual enormous stand, in full flower. Vantaa, Finland. Wild. 2001-07-02.

Lupinus polyphyllos Lindl.
Engl.: bigleaf lupine, garden lupin.
Deu.: Vielblättrige Lupine.
Suom.: komealupiini.
Sven.: blomsterlupin.
Bot. syn.: Lupinus alilatissimus C. P. Sm., Lupinus apodotropis Heller, Lupinus bernardianus Abrams ex Eastw., Lupinus grandifolius Lindl. ex J. G. Agardh, Lupinus macrophyllus Benth., Lupinus magnus Greene, Lupinus matanuskensis C. P. Sm., Lupinus pallidipes Heller, Lupinus pseudopolyphyllus C. P. Sm., Lupinus stationis C. P. Sm., Lupinus superbus Heller

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Photo: Lupinus polyphyllos.

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