Photo: Lycium chinense.

Botanical name: 

Bush. Kyoto bot.g, Japan. Planted. 2001-05-04.

Lycium chinense P. Mill.
Engl.: Chinese desert-thorn, Chinese teaplant, Chinese wolfberry.
Deu.: Chinesischer Bocksdorn.
Sven.: bredbladigt bocktörne, vargbär.
TCM: gou qi, gou qi zi, ko-chi, kuko.
Bot. syn.: Lycium barbarum 'Chinense', Lycium megistocarpum var. ovatum (Poir.) Dunal, Lycium ovatum Poir., Lycium rhombifolium (Moench) Dippel, Lycium sinense Gren., Lycium trewanium Roem. & Schult.

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Photo: Lycium chinense.

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