Photo: Mentha canadensis 4.


Peppermint and japanese peppermint. True peppermint flowers at the top, Japanese peppermint in the leafnodes. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Picked. 2005-08-03.

Mentha canadensis L.
Engl.: Japanese mint, American corn mint, Canadian mint, Chinese mint, Chinese peppermint, horsemint, Japanese peppermint.
Deu.: Japanische Minze, Chinesische Minze.
Suom.: japaninminttu.
Bot. syn.: Mentha arvensis L. f. piperascens Malinv. ex Holmes, Mentha arvensis L. ssp. canadensis (L.) H. Hara, Mentha arvensis L. var. canadensis (L.) Kuntze, Mentha arvensis L. var. glabrata Fernald, Mentha arvensis L. var. piperascens Malinv. ex L. H. Bailey, Mentha haplocalyx Briq., Mentha pedunculata Hu & Tsai, Mentha sachalinensis (Briq.) Kudo

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Photo: Mentha canadensis 4.

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