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Photo: Perilla frutescens.

Taxonomy extra:
Red (akashiso) and green plants (aoshiso), side by side. Some think shiso has a heavenly scent. I think it smells of catpiss, or stinkbugs. But then, I also think that cilantro smells (and tastes) of used dishwashing water. MTT Karila research station, Mikkeli, Finland. Planted. 1999-07-23.
Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt. Engl.: beefsteakplant, common perilla, green-leaved perilla, shiso, wild perilla. Deu.: Grünes Shiso. Suom.: veripeippi, shiso. Sven.: bladmynta, kinesisk bladmynta, shiso. Jap.: ao shiso. Bot. syn.: Melissa cretica Lour., Melissa maxima Ard., Mentha perilloides Lam., Ocimum frutescens L., Perilla arguta Benth., Perilla avium Dunn, Perilla ocymoides L., Perilla urticaefolia Salisb.
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